Friday, November 28, 2008

Yep, Still Timely

The following piece of mine originally appeared in the COUNTY PRESS ( and its sister newspapers for which I work. I thank the editorial staff for the opportunity. It appeared back in October but the issues raised are still quite germane. Hope you're all enjoying your Tofurkey® Day Weekend:

In this increasingly heated political year, some intimations made about Sen. Barack Obama are off-base, such as that he practices Islam. (I doubt he does, not that it should matter.) Obsessing over whether or not Obama wears a flag-pin has detracted from other things.Unfortunately, the mainstream media have back-burnered stories far more legitimate and troubling than Bristol Palin's Myspace page or the pronunciation of the word "nuclear."

Much has been made of Obama’s community organizing. The actual story is the nature of that "organizing": his work on the behalf of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). Obama served as legal counsel for ACORN, served there as leadership trainer, and, this year, donated $800,000 to the organization. ACORN intimidated banks into offering risky loans to people who couldn’t pay them back, leading to the sub-prime lending crisis devastating the global economy.

ACORN is also the focus of a voter-fraud investigation. The FBI has raided ACORN offices in Nevada and North Carolina. More suspicious activity has occurred in Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Colorado, Florida, and Tennessee. (Q.: What do these have in common? A.: Almost all are swing states.) For example, Indianapolis now has 105% of its population registered to vote. That’s right: the city somehow has more "registered voters" than actual residents. In Nevada, names from the Dallas Cowboys’ roster are appearing on voter-registration lists. Voter fraud ­-- including imposters to match the fake names on Election Day -- is a danger in Nevada, one of the states where no photo ID is required upon voting.

Obama is in the top three U.S. Senatorial recipients of donations from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who bought up the aforementioned unwise loans. For years, Sen. John McCain – along with Alan Greenspan, Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight director Armando Falcon, and President Bush (seventeen times) – called for more oversight, forecasting the likelihood of impending financial doom. Congressional Democrats (and, yes, a handful of Republicans) chose not to heed the warning, calling Fannie and Freddie financially sound.

McCain, one of those who sought to prevent this crisis, is now absurdly being blamed for it, while people like Rep. Barney Frank and Sen. Christopher Dodd are being politely asked "what went wrong," when they should be sitting on the other end of the interrogation table.

Long after Sen. Hillary Clinton mentioned it during the Democratic primaries, the fact that Obama began his political career in the home of unrepentant terrorist William Ayers is finally being covered, albeit reluctantly. Some argue that Obama was only eight when Ayers’s group bombed the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol, but he was certainly much older when he willingly allied himself with Ayers.

While in the Illinois State Senate, Obama went well beyond the pro-choice/pro-life debate by voting four times against protecting newborns who survived failed attempts at abortion. (Just type “Obama BAIPA” into YouTube.)

Not only Republicans should be greatly disturbed over the mainstream media's information blockade. A frightening precedent is set when Americans, whatever their party or race, cannot make an informed decision because they're deliberately deprived of the facts.

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