Sunday, January 18, 2009

Keith Olbermann Perpetuates Oft-Repeated Lie

...not that the Bag of Air at MSDNC is any stranger to having things wrong. Remember: this is the same man who was on THE TONIGHT SHOW a few years ago to rip President Bush's stance on embryonic stem-cell research by arguing that the human embryos in question are not fertilized (get thee to a seventh-grade biology book).

Well, on his Jan. 6 edition of COUNTDOWN, KO ripped legal and policy analyst Tom McClusky during his nightly, idiotic, partisan "Worse/Worser/Worst Person in the World" routine. McClusky has sided with those who, according to Olbermann, "interfered" in Michael Schiavo's bid to have his wife Terri clinically starved and dehydrated to death in 2005, over the pleas from Americans that they should -- ready for this? -- "stop their cynical manipulation of this beleaguered family."

K. Here's a little update for those who, while the Schiavo ordeal was transpiring, were a.) trapped down a well, b.) bouncing on the surface of the moon, or c.) Keith Olbermann.

The -- ah-- "beleaguered" family members of Terri Schiavo are the ones who wanted her to live and for the government to intercede to try to save her life. Her father, mother, sister, and brother wanted her to continue to receive food and water. It was her husband -- who was already planning to start a family with another woman -- who wanted her to "go." No evidence was ever provided with regard to a wish of Terri to be "let go" except for hearsay -- which was called into question by contradictory comments Michael made to others.

Furthermore, it was only after they did starve and dehydrate her that her brain functions ceased; before that she was not brain-dead but rather brain-damaged. These are not arbitrary phrases; they are medical terms with medical criteria, and so those who assert that she had been "brain-dead" prior to that are either ignorant or intentionally trying to mislead.

Those who pillory the brave people who attempted to save Terri Schiavo's life conveniently leave out that disability-rights groups were among those protesting the planned ending of her life – perhaps because they don't consider them as worthy a target as the so-called “religious right.” One doesn't need to be religious or a Republican to be outraged and horrified by the Terri Schiavo case -- but, of course, one DOES need to be religious or a Republican to get on Olbermann's list.

To learn more about Terri's story, head right to the source, her real, actual family: Beleaguered they may be -- but most often by the despicable likes of Keith Olbermann.

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