Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BeneGram's 2009 Final Fourcasts

WOMEN: Connecticut, Oklahoma, Stanford and Louisville. UConn over OK in the final. (UPDATE: Yay! Another 4-for-4 prediction!)

MEN: Louisville, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, Memphis. Louisville over OK in the final. (UPDATE: Pshaw! A 0-for-4 prediction.)

I should point out that I had all four teams right in the 2005 women's Final Four (except I didn't have Baylor winning it all), and I had three of four teams right in the 2003 men's Final Four (the exception being Syracuse, who took the whole thing). I point that out not because it foreshadows future success, but rather because it'll probably never happen again. For amusement purposes only. BeneGram is not responsible for any action taken after reading the predictions herein. Enjoy the Dances.

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