Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama Gets One Right -- But Also Kills Animal :-(

Feel free to fill in your hackneyed expression about blind squirrels eventually finding a nut, but I agree with the President's decision to expand benefits for same-sex couples. People should not be denied health benefits because of their sexual orientation.

I disagree, on the other hand, with Obama's swatting of a fly during a recent interview. BeneGram is an animal-friendly place, dude. Perhaps someone should acquaint President Obama with the humane Bug Vacuum®:

I've got one, though the easiest way to capture a critter and release him/her outside, unharmed, is to use a drinking cup (just not one you drink from) and a piece of paper.

1. Wait for insect to land on surface.
2. Gently entrap insect with cup.
3. Being careful to avoid harming insect's legs, slide piece of paper between cup and surface.
4. Escort insect outside.

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