Monday, August 10, 2009

Joke About Poisoned Wine: "Disgraceful;" Joke About Assassinating Bush: "High Five!"

I see now that Rachel Maddow and the kind folks (he said charitably) at Media Matters are losing their [stuff] over Glenn Beck's stupid little joke last week. On his show, he pretended to share some wine with a cardboard cutout of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In one brief moment, he says, "By the way, I put poison in your -- no..."

The whole "sketch" was rather dopey, and I certainly doubt that I would have made the little "poison" joke, even if Speaker Pelosi were not in government. But to hear Media Matters tell it, you'd think Beck had designed a T-shirt with Pelosi's face shown in a shotgun's crosshair, or gave out directions to her grandchildren's grade-school classrooms. It was a dumb little joke that he made clear right away was such by "retracting" it.

Here's the question: was the left up in arms when Al Franken, at the 2004 Republican National Convention, joked about helping Al Qaeda to assassinate President Bush?

That's hardly the only such example of someone on the left "joking" about something bad happening to Bush/Cheney/Rice/etc., not even to mention the "Nazi"/"Satan" double standard that's also especially illuminated these last few weeks. But I ask this sincerely (sort of): If anyone has proof of MM or similar left-wing groups expressing outrage on the level of what is being expressed now, I'll applaud them for their consistency. I won't stay up waiting, though.

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