Monday, August 24, 2009

With All Due Respect to Kool and the Gang

A letter of mine appeared today in The Philadelphia Inquirer:

It was trimmed; here, for thoroughness's sake, is my original letter in its entirety:

The argument that "ladies' nights" actually benefit men is ludicrous. Straight men go to bars and clubs mostly to eat, drink, and meet women; straight women go mostly to eat, drink, and meet men. Their goals are the same, so why should one group have to pay and not the other?

Furthermore, how do women feel, knowing that the bar is "stocking" the singles' bars with women as though they were fish in a trout pond?

Comparisons of ladies' nights to "kids eat free" or "senior early-bird specials" are fallacious, since most people get to be kids and senior citizens eventually, whereas most of us spend our lives as just one gender or the other.

What if a yoga class or crafts store allowed men to shop there at huge discounts? Women, rightfully, would be furious. Likewise, bars, clubs, car washes, and golf courses should treat everybody the same.


Philly Phan said...

I don't hang out in bars, but I can see how "Ladies Night" could be irksome for all concerned.
This might be your first opinion that I've agreed with! ;-)


bmmg39 said...

Yeah, I'm not much for bars, either. As they say, "it's the principle of the thing."

bmmg39 said...

Thanks for checking in, BTW. I didn't get the alert until recently that someone had responded.