Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

My two favorite holidays of the year are Independence Day and Halloween. I usually shake my head with befuddlement when I hear about parents or schools "doing away with" Halloween because of its supposed pagan origins. The pagans also gave us the idea for a Christmas tree; let's see if those parents and schools hold true to their principles in a couple of months.

Some dislike Halloween's backdrop, citing "horror stories" (tee hee!) about people wearing fake knives "through" their hearts or dressing up as scary monsters in front of children, but Halloween doesn't have to be about that at all.

I'm 36, and I've gotten dressed up just about every year. Wanna know my costumes? A painter, a baker (a few times), a turtle, a cockroach (a friendly-looking one), Bert from SESAME STREET, a train engineer, a scarecrow, a farmer, and, last year, Joe the Plumber (my first political costume). Not a frightening get-up in the bunch (unless, perhaps, you're a crow).

It's not a holiday for everybody, of course, but many people like having fun with it, putting together a costume, trying to guess who everyone else is supposed to be, bobbing for apples (in the pre-H1N1 years), and going through cornfield mazes. See, folks? No need to sacrifice a chicken for Satan at all in order to enjoy All Hallow's Eve.

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