Thursday, February 25, 2010

Losing Jerry Won't Diminish Lyndsey's Love

Those of us who contributed money over the months so that Massachusetts woman Lyndsey Medeiros could afford cataract surgery for her pet turkey, Jerry, received the sad news today that Jerry passed away after complications from the surgery.

Medeiros and her family, no doubt, have had to endure months of anger and failed attempts at humor from dimwits who think they're wildly clever when they suggested keeping Jerry "warm" in an oven set to 450 degrees. (These are the same people who write "People Eating Tasty Animals" and think they're Jonathan Swift.)

The Medeiros family deserves our credit for their consistency and selflessness, and -- it bears repeating -- while the people who spend hundreds or thousands of dollars buying flat-screen TVs and sports cars for themselves have every right to do so, they also have no ground to stand on when they accuse Lyndsey of "wasting" money by helping a pet -- including a pet they themselves don't have the presence of mind to find worthy.

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Val said...

Such poor benighted souls are probably related to the idiot who ran over my dog - full speed ahead, for God's sake don't even slow down, there's cold beer in the fridge waiting at home...
If only I can aspire to be half the person my dogs think I am!