Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Need for Candidates to Use Misandrist Insults

I'm not entirely familiar with Ruth Marcus's work, but I agree with her this week:

Click here: Ruth Marcus - 'Manning up' isn't the problem this election

Excerpt: "'Man up' as in 'man up, Harry Reid,' from Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle on Reid's playing down of Social Security's financial woes. And, though it got less attention, from Missouri Democrat Robin Carnahan to Republican Roy Blunt at a Senate debate the very same night, on health care: If Blunt wants to do away with health care for others, Carnahan told him, 'then you ought to repeal your own first. And man up.'

Ladies! If we're so tough, so confident in our toughness and so comfortable with it, what do testicles have to do with it?...Don't -- even, or maybe especially, if you're a woman -- equate toughness with manliness. At least not unless you think it's acceptable for your opponent to tell you to behave like a lady."

I'm pulling for almost every Republican candidate next month, but I still agree with Ruth Marcus's every word here. I'm tired of women -- politicians or otherwise -- who believe that they themselves are not to be attacked for their gender but that they have every right to ridicule men for theirs.

If Harry Reid -- and, again, I am NOT a fan -- had told Angle to "man up" or "woman up," there'd be a tidal wave of anger against him.

You're better than this behavior, Sharron.

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