Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Horrific Tragedy, a Shameful Response

I had a letter published in the Jan. 11 edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer, though it was shortened significantly. Below the link is my letter in full.


"Like most, I was appalled by the horrific incident in Tucson, in which six innocent people were killed and more than a dozen others wounded, including Rep. Giffords. Then I was disgusted with the eagerness of so many to politicize the tragedy.

Yes, the decision by the operators of Sarah Palin's website to 'target' political opponents was in bad taste and uncalled for -- as was the less-scrutinized ad* in which the campaign of Democrat Harry Mitchell did the same to Republican opponent J.D. Hayworth. But it's still just a clumsily constructed metaphor. Neither Palin nor Mitchell was advocating violence toward another human being.

The more we learn about the young man who shot twenty people on Saturday, the more we find an incoherent mess not resembling any pundit or politician -- of any political stripe. So let's absorb this sad day without pointing fingers at illegal aliens, the Tea Party, environmentalists, Glenn Beck, Richard Jewell, or heavy-metal music. The person responsible is the one who pulled the trigger, and we dishonor the victims when we opportunistically use their murder as an weapon for bludgeoning our political opponents."