Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy Continued Summer

...that's right, it's the day after Labor Day, meaning there are more than two weeks of summer left to enjoy.

...I can't figure out why news networks and marketers, who seem to like summer, can never wait to declare it dead. (...even The Weather Channel, where someone even-more-wrongly announced that we were just heading into "the last official weekend of the summer." The heat has returned, so look for newscasts to herald "A Return to Summer!!!" even though summer hasn't ended. Then, when summer actually ends, the meteorologists will be mentioning that, too. So summer gets to die twice.) The autumnal solstice falls on September 22. When you mention this, people will roll their eyes and say, "Sure, but that's just the official end of summer."

Yes, the official one, which is the only one that counts. Yes, some of the summer attractions down the shore that are operated mostly by high school students close on Labor Day. Kids are back in school. But summer still lingers, thankfully.

December 1st isn't the beginning of winter, March 1st isn't the beginning of spring, and Memorial Day isn't the beginning of summer. While we're at it, the millennium didn't begin until January 1, 2001.

Enjoy every day, if you can. Doesn't life move quickly enough, without hurrying it along?