Monday, October 3, 2016

Fallon Causes Left-Wing Freak-Out, Part II.

Still shaking my head at the hissy fit the American left had over Jimmy Fallon's Trump interview a couple of weeks ago. The main charge this time was that Fallon had "humanized" Trump by giving him a regular interview, and playfully mussing his hair. Say what you will about Trump, but he is a person, and it's hard to "humanize" a human being.

One columnist, in particular, pointed to David Letterman as an example of a late-night host who found some sort of balance between comedian and water-carrier for the Democrat Party (probably not how he put it, exactly, but hey...). Hello? Anyone remember Letterman's last few years at CBS? He was unsufferable -- a partisan, bitter man. I remember a few weeks after President Obama's SOTU addresses, when Dave replayed the clip of Marco Rubio sipping some bottled water for maybe ten straight shows, apropos of nothing: "Hey, Paul, are you thirsty? Are you thirsty, Paul?" And Paul Shaffer would pretend to laugh, while the audience also pretended to laugh.

There's a precedent for the left-wing freak-out. Remember when Fallon had Sarah Palin on -- long after 2008, not to ridicule her, but to have her do a Vladimir Putin sketch with her? People lost their s---. That Fallon had had President and First Lady Obama on for sketches didn't matter to them; the reaction was that Fallon was "DEAD" to them from now on. "DEAD." And the reaction this time is even stronger, because Trump is kinda sorta more relevant than Palin was at the time.

The fact that Fallon had Hillary Clinton on and didn't grill her on her 38 different scandals should pacify some of these libs...but it won't, of course.

Here is a great guest column from Dave Berg about how Colbert/Bee/Oliver/Meyers have relinquished their role as comedians and are now doing one-sided advocacy.

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