Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Project Veritas Videos on Dem Voter Fraud and Intimidation at Rallies

On October 11, Project Veritas released a video from December 2015, in which Alan Schulkin, one of the commissioners of the Board of Elections of New York City stated plainly that people are bused from one polling site to another (to another to another) to vote multiple times on the same Election Day. Do you have a friend whom you suspect never shows up to vote? You can show up in his place? Is your deceased aunt still on the voter rolls? Here's your way of keeping her spirit alive!

New York is one of the many states that does not require photographic identification from people voting, which enables fraud like this to take place -- fraud that we're ensured over and over again never happens. Schulkin acknowledges in the video that asking for ID really should not be a big deal. He is also getting more and more conservative every day, and, now that this video is out, maybe the poor, soon-to-be-ostracized fellow will feel free to drop the façade and swing over.

Then, this week came the video of Scott Foval, who has since, uh, "resigned," essentially confirming (and then some) what Schulkin had said. From this video we have proof that state lines are often crossed (e.g. Iowa) for the voter fraud to continue, and that rental cars are being considered as "safer" (i.e. less vulnerable to being caught) alternatives to buses. Foval has also said that they were giving people financial compensation to stir up trouble at Donald Trump rallies.

If there's some context that makes this footage somehow less damning to Democrats, I can't conceive of it.

Much has been said about Trump's comment that the election is "rigged." "Rigged" means it's already decided, which most people don't believe. An election doesn't have to be "rigged" for large portions of voter fraud to have an effect upon it, however. Those are two separate things.

A rigged baseball game means the umpires have decided to let one team win. They don't need to
do that in order for one team to win by cheating, however.

Anderson Cooper didn't hesitate to bring up Donald Trump's comments about women (perhaps rightfully so). Will this massive fraud be brought up tonight?

Your move, Chris Wallace.

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