Friday, November 4, 2016

Milo and the Snowflakes

The first time I remember reading anything by Milo Yiannopoulos, I disagreed with his premise.

Yiannopoulos wrote about female athletes during last year's Women's World Cup, claiming that "football" (soccer in the States) is boring enough without having to watch women play it. As he is gay, he said he doesn't have to "pretend" to like watch women's sports in order to get a "shag." Well, I'm not gay, but I'm also not looking for a "shag," and I disagreed with his picking on women's athletics.

I'm sure there are other things Yiannopoulos says and does that I disagree with, even as I agree with him on a host of other things. He is right to point out gender double standards, and how the left went lulu in response to his unimpressed review of the Ghostbusters remake (in which Yiannopoulos points out its bitter misandry).

The main point, though: when I disagree, I leave a few words in the comments section. I don't petition to have vehicles for his thoughts shut down.

This is what now passes for freedom on college campuses. When Yiannopoulos...or Christina Hoff Sommers...or Ben Shapiro...or just about any other conservative-leaning author with a following appears in public, the response from "progressive" students (and faculty) is often to tear down flyers, to throw objects, to scream or chant or clap over the guest speaker, or even to take the stage. On YouTube, you can check out the behavior of the self-described "tolerant people" as they do everything they can to shout down anyone with a view other than their own. I've been to discussion groups that I thought were biased and one-sided and not at all representative of my own position; somehow I refrained from acting like this.

This nonsense will continue so long as universities permit it to continue. More likely, the situation will get worse. When students refuse to go to class because they saw "Trump 2016" scrawled on a sidewalk, what will happen next?

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