Thursday, June 23, 2016

Democrats Hold a Slumber Party

As I watch the Democrats hold their gun-control "sit-in" -- quixotically comparing themselves to civil rights heroes who faced far more risk -- I keep asking myself why they're not blazing mad at U.S. Senators in their own party, who just failed to passed two pieces of gun legislation authored by Senate Republicans. Why be so angry at one party and not the other?

Could it be that this would defeat the whole purpose of their tantrum -- not to reduce gun violence, but rather to try to score political points?

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I'm Not with Her

...and will not be with her anytime soon.

AOL, I am tired of seeing this woman's face on my cell phone, the laptop computer, and various desktop computers I happen to use.

Stop telling me to click on something to say I'm with her. I view her political ad with the same revulsion that my vegetarian self feels when an ad for Omaha Steaks comes up, or my teetotaling self feels when some smelly wine is being hawked, or how I'd view a before-and-after for Preparation H.

I don't care if the eleven-car pileup known as Huffington Post bought out AOL or not.

I want this "I'M WITH HER" sewage off my AOL.

Make it happen.