Thursday, June 15, 2017

Democrats Now the Ones Facing Charges of "Inciting Violence" (Sound Familiar?)

Approximately twelve hours after James Hodgkinson shot at Republican lawmakers on June 14, John Featherman let us know that Bernie Sanders should not be blamed for the attempted massacre. That much is true, and I did feel for Sanders, who learned that the shooter had previously volunteered for his campaign.
I'm wondering, however, if Featherman gave the same warning all the times the left accused Republicans, conservative radio, Sarah Palin, FoxNews, etc., of "fomenting rage." For instance, conservatives were accused of inciting the mass shooting in Tucson in 2011, despite that the shooter turned out not to be a conservative at all. One prominent member of the U.S. Senate even perpetuated this allegation in a fundraising e-mail. His name? Bernie Sanders.

Hopefully, with the bloody shoe on the other foot, Sanders and other Democrats are learning not to be so reckless in branding their opponents as practitioners of "violent rhetoric."

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