Monday, June 5, 2017

Kathy Griffin, SO Not a Victim

Kathy Griffin's "severed head" statement (I believe it was more of a statement than an attempt at humor) was grotesque and offensive, and I'm not even one of the first thousand people to ask what the reaction would be if someone had made a similar execrable statement about President Obama.
I was actually kind of impressed how swift and extensive the response was. The left didn't seem to mind all that much when Snoop Dogg popped a cap in a Trump clown in a video earlier this year, but this time many on the left joined those on the right in its condemnation.

I want to think that Griffin's original apology was sincere, though while performing the stunt in the first place she gleefully mused that she might have to "apologize" for it. Then, you should note that in her apology to her audience (she made absolutely no apology to the president or his family) she said, "I'm sorry; I'm just now seeing the reaction to this." Nothing about taking a look at the photo she helped create and realizing how awful it was, or having second thoughts overnight. She apologized only because of the reaction.

Her press conference, on the other hand, was exquisite. Griffin actually wants America to see HER as a VICTIM in all this.

"A sitting president of the United States, and his grown children, and the first lady, are personally - I feel - personally trying to ruin my life forever," she cried, complaining that she symbolically performed a bloody decapitation of the president of the United States, only to have him and his family solemnly condemn her actions on Twitter. Can you imagine? Here's a free piece of advice, Kat, while we're on the subject: black people don't find "noose" jokes funny (and neither do the rest of us).

Inherent in this is her shock and anger that the Trump family responded at all. When I had an op-ed published in the Washington Times in 2009, some of the commenters disagreed with me in the comments. That's fine; that's their right. But it's my right, too. I was on the message boards, arguing with them. One of them actually complained that I was doing so, as if I weren't permitted to point out where I think my detractors are wrong.

The same happens with famous people. I've completely had it with the "only punch up" crowd who believes that everyone's free to take a shot at the "powerful," but it's somehow beneath the "powerful" to retaliate. I disagree completely. If I, a nobody, criticize someone I don't like, and that person wants to call me out, that's fine. You criticize someone, you're fair game to be criticized. You call someone out; prepared to get called out. The Trump family's response to Griffin has been quite muted, from what I've seen. You wanna hold a mock decapitation, Kathy? Consider yourself evermore in the ring.

Griffin is allegedly receiving death threats for her actions. Okay, not cool. But she seems to have forgotten already that she JUST MADE A PUBLIC DEATH THREAT against the president. Oh, wait! It was "satire," right? If someone on the right had done this towards a Democrat president, we'd have a four-day national conversation about hate, race, civility, you name it. If a leftist does it towards a conservative, it's always "satire." You're too stupid to understand. Just move on.

Tucker Carlson said that the worst thing about was that it just wasn't funny. That seems to be the common thing said when something like this happens. "Sure, it was offensive, but, even more than that, it just wasn't funny." I know why people say that: if you call an offensive comic "offensive," (s)he'll just be pleased as punch to have pissed somebody off. If you say the person is unfunny, then you're cutting that comedian to the core... I don't know how accurate it is, though. If holding up a facsimile of someone's head could possibly be made "funny," wouldn't that make it worse, somehow?

Griffin now believes there is a cabal of older, white males trying to keep her down. Well, this white male is younger than she is, and he'd be pleased if Kathy Griffin would go away. Of course, another part of me hopes that she'll keep on talking, as she's become an embodiment of irresponsible, outrageous leftism that -- until now -- believed that nothing it says about Donald Trump or anyone else it hates is over the line.

He broke you? You broke yourself, girlfriend.

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